The Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin

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The Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin

Dry brush massage is a simple way to help your skin look its best and to help you feel healthier. It's a soothing procedure that feels good, so you'll enjoy doing it every day.

Our skin gets easily affected and damaged due dust, pollution and exposure to sunrays. Use of harsh skin creams, deodorants, body lotions and soaps often dry off the delicate skin. Dirt and chemicals from cosmetics clog the skin pores and lead to various skin problems. So removal of this accumulated dirt and deep cleaning of your skin is much essential to keep it healthy and problem free. There are so many benefits of dry brushing. In other words, it is called as body brushing. It is a procedure of brushing your skin when it is not wet but when it is dry. In this post, let us talk about its benefits.

What are the benefits of dry brushing? Well, it helps a lot in reducing cellulite and apart from that, there are so many other benefits. Before you take your shower, you can try this technique. Firstly, brushing is very important because it helps the circulatory system in functioning well. When the circulation is perfect, your skin remains flawless. Also, when the bacteria on the surface is eliminated, your skin stays healthy too.

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing:

Stress Relief

The act of Dry brushing has been described as meditative (especially if you do it in a quiet space) and may reduce muscle tension, calm your mind, and relieve stress. Many compare it to a light whole-body massage.

Smoothes Dry Skin Areas

The skin on our knees, elbows and heels remains the driest largely due to poor blood circulation and exfoliation in those areas, and thus hardens and gets rough. Dry brushing these particular areas will get rid of those dry dead cells and stimulates a rush of new healing invigorating blood to arrive. The result? Smoother, shinier and softer skin on your knees, elbows and heels.

Aids Digestion

The benefits of dry brushing go even deeper by helping support your digestion and organ function. Dry brushing helps with bloating for the brushing action acts as a massage on your lymph nodes which helps the body shed excess water and toxins.

Helps In Exfoliation

This method is almost like scrubbing your skin. The only difference is that you are using a brush instead of a stone. Also, another difference is that you are rubbing your skin when it is not wet. Dry brushing has its own set of advantages.

Clean Skin Pores

If you discover that when dry brushing your skin that it creates a feeling of energy, then switch to using this dry skin care technique in the morning. Another benefit of dry brushing your skin is removing debris from the pores to improve your skin’s texture and reduce the incidence of acne such as pimples or blackheads. After dry brushing your skin with repetitive motions, dry off with a towel and apply fragrant lotion

Enhances Blood Circulation

One of the benefits of dry brushing your body is that you can enhance your blood circulation in several areas of your body. Good blood flow is good for your health as well as your skin. You will observe the change in your skin health very soon.

Remove Skin Flakes

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits

There are benefits of dry brushing your skin once a week such as removing rough skin tissue and improving your lymphatic and blood circulation. A dry brushing technique that involves starting at the feet and moving upward toward your heart is highly recommended. Rotating the brush on your skin gently may also help to reduce unsightly dimpled fat that commonly occurs on the thighs and buttocks.

Improve Organ Function

Although there’s no conclusive evidence to support this claim, many doctors believe the practice of regular dry brushing helps improve the function of many other organs, including the liver and kidneys. That’s because it massages the lymph nodes and encourages the removal of excess water and toxins in the body. By speeding up the natural detoxification, you’re helping to improve the function of your other organs.

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